Díky projektu Evropské unie mohou na naší škole již třetím rokem pracovat mladí lidé pocházející  z různých evropských zemí.

Zapojují se nejen do výuky, ale účastní se i akcí mimo školu, vedou zájmové kroužky apod. Naši žáci s nimi procvičí anglickou a německou konverzaci a taky se dovědí spoustu zajímavého o jejich rodné zemi, kultuře, zvycích.

Každý rok přijíždí nová dvojice. Letos je to Rosa z Německa a Simao z Portugalska.


my name is Rosa and I come from Germany. My Hometown “Rostock” is in the north at the Baltic sea. It is a big city with a port for ships and a beach. My Birthday is on 13.07.1999, which means I am 19 years old. I like to dance, draw, and watch movies. My favorite movie is “Addams Family Values”. This movie is from 1993, even older than me.
In my free time I sometimes play the piano. I’ve been learning to play piano for 10 years now and I really like it. Another Hobby of me is taking pictures or making videos. Most of my pictures and videos are from traveling because they are the most interesting to me. Traveling with friends or family is something I love and I hope to see a lot of new things this year.


Ahoj,  my name is Simao I’m from Portugal and I’m a volunteer. I come from a city named Setubal witch is near to our capital Lisbon. My city is faced to the ocean, so we have a lot of beaches, surf spots and sailing boats . In my home town you can find the best European beach destination, eat a lot of sea food and enjoy the good weather. I was raised near the ocean and my father used to be a professional sailor, so I grew up inside of boats and at the beach…always eating sardines!

My favorite hobbies are surfing, sailing and skateboarding. I also like to travel!

I will be in Czech Republic for one year. I am learning how to speak Czech so we can speak more and in that way I can learn more things about your beautiful country!